Helping People Triumph in God's Best

Power Tower History

In May of 1995 the ministry of Calvary Cathedral International Power Tower was born out of revival when revivalist Dale Gentry approached Pastor Bob Nichols with the concept of the unbroken chain of prayer. What he found was a Pastor who believed not only that it was possible to have a 24-hour chain of prayer but one who would boldly take the steps to initiate the vision from the local church. Since that time an unbroken prayer chain for our city, nation, and the world has stretched from Fort Worth, Texas to the throne of God and back again to points around the globe.

In a 24-hour period this ministry prays for our nation and its government, including all the Senators and Congresspersons, as well as the Supreme Court justices and the President’s cabinet. Every two hours we pray for the President and Vice President and their families. We also pray for missions and missionaries and cry out for revival throughout the world.

Every two hours a prayer leader and a prayer team takes on a prayer watch, picking up the baton of prayer from the previous prayer watch, and standing as watchmen on the walls of prayer.

We never cease to be amazed at God’s faithfulness as He hears and answers prayer as we receive reports of answers to prayer of how people are healed of terminal illnesses, families and marriages are restored, financial breakthroughs are manifested, and most important of all, people are being saved.