Helping People Triumph in God's Best

Greetings in Jesus’ powerful Name!

2018 – A New Year With Much Good News To Report! We continue to see new breakthroughs on every side. 

A quick, very thankful look at this past year to rejoice in some awesome changes for our church. There was new paint applied on all our exterior walls, a new parking lot was installed as well as new parking lot lighting! To God be all the glory, great things He has done!

Our Youth Winter Retreat and Ski Trip was a time of great blessing spiritually and seems to be the best trip to date. Already we are hearing reports of changed lives!

As I am writing this good news letter to you another good news report just came in by phone. A second, like-new bus has been donated for church and school use. This comes at a very good time. Over the years, Calvary has sown buses, vans, cars, and trucks. Now, our seed is coming in on every wave. And the best is yet to come!

This Sunday, January 28th, is our 28th year of the Firstfruits opportunity to bless our church which has been such a blessing to so many for 53 years. Pastor Bob Seymour from Vancouver, British Columbia returns for this great opportunity to sow our Firstfruits for greater breakthrough in our lives, families, and church.

There is no way to tell you how Firstfruits helps and blesses our church. Firstfruits is more important this year than at any other time. Joy and I saw greater breakthrough than ever before in our lives in 2017 as we broke all personal records for giving tithes, offerings, and Firstfruits to our church. It is your tithes, offerings and Firstfruits partnership that enables Calvary to help reach and bless so many lives. We thank you for praying, attending, and giving on this great Sunday of opportunity and all the year long.

Thank you for the many recent testimonies expressing appreciation for the blessing Calvary has been in your lives and families. I have a Pastor’s heart and Calvary is indeed a New Testament, family church. I rejoice in seeing the many changed lives through our church. We love you and thank you for your partnership. God’s best is yours!

Bob Nichols, Pastor