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We are currently in the Spring 2017 term and enrollment is opening for our Fall 2017 term which will begin September 11th.  The 2017-2018 Academic Calendar will show the beginning and ending dates for each term for the entire school year.

The 2016-2018 – Two Year Curriculum will show how the classes are laid out for the two years.  If you are wondering what a particular course will be about, you can click on the Course Description Sheet to see a thumbnail description.

NEW STUDENTS must turn in an Application Form, a picture and a $25.00 application fee.  A must also be turned in to register for classes.  For future terms, only a Registration Form and $15.00 registration fee will be required.

RETURNING STUDENTS must turn in an Registration Form and pay the $15 registration fee.

CORRESPONDENCE COURSES are available for students who cannot attend in person.  All courses are available by CD, DVD and Online.  New students will need to turn in an Application Form and a Correspondence Brochure with their payment to the Bible College office to order a course.  Only a completed Correspondence Brochure is needed with payment to order further courses.ccibcpayonline

Books may be purchased through the Bible College. Students may pay for fees and tuition online by following the link to the right.  Courses and books can be mailed for a postage and handling fee.  Please call the Bible College office for more information.